“I am Ozheni  Avetisyan , GOALS Armavir football league coordinator and GOALS trainer. My GOALS story was special as it was me who approached GOALS and ask them for a  cooperation. Little did i know that one message to them could change so many things in my  life and the life of my community. They answered my message very quickly and invite me to their office for a meeting. At first sight I loved the staff of young and enthusiastic women who were doing so many great things for all the girls who love football. Their friendly welcome and interactive communication made me feel that I am on the right place , on the right  time. And this is  how everything started…one month after my  meeting with  them i managed to establish/find  5 football teams for the Armavir league. We started the club in mid 2018 and still we keep developing and rising.

I am involved in GOALS as I love the way girls empower each other when they play football.

In 2018 October I  participated in an international training in Ukraine on the topic of Football3 which was great experience and unforgettable games  of teamwork, cooperation and fair play. When i came back to Armenia i co-organized and coached about 4 big event , during which I shared my football3 experience with other young people from various regions.

As time passed I realized that I really want to be more involved in GOALS and be part of the change so now in 2019 I will travel to the USA, Texas for Michael Johnson Young Leaders program.  Michael Johnson Young Leaders are specially selected young people from around the world who have faced and overcome adversity, have a passion for sport, a commitment to their community and potential for leadership.  I am so excited for this new experience and opportunity which will empower me be a better coach and a  dream leader for my community.

I like to share my experience with young girls and motivate them to be self-confident, strong and “beautiful”. I am also the founder of “WeLead” women leadership club and specialist in the sphere of women rights and advocacy. I have BA of language and  cross-cultural communication. I traveled many countries by always seeking to find something nice in every culture.I  am passionate to discover new people, new places and new food.

Keep following GOALS for new projects and events which will come soon.”

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