I can’t remember how many years ago I began to fall in love with soccer or why, exactly, but I can’t imagine my life without watching live soccer matches or playing with my friends. About two years ago we created a soccer team with around 12 girls in our small village in Armavir, Armenia and started to play without a coach (we couldn’t find one). Sometimes in order to practice with a coach we would pay for our own transportation to a different town. Every player in this team loved to play and enjoyed every second of being on the field.

This year I had the opportunity to live and experience life in an American high school. There was no question I was going to play on the high school soccer team! The hardest part of my high school soccer experience has been understanding my teammates and the communication on the field. Everything happens so quickly.

Soccer has given me so many things. It made me more self-confident and it made me understand what it really feels like to be part of a team. I’m so happy that I’m in this sport and I’m gonna do everything [I can] so other girls can have the chance to play and enjoy the sport.

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