Armenian, Yerevan – January 22, 2019 – The Girls of Armenia Leadership Soccer (GOALS) and the Football Federation of Armenia (FFA) this month announced a ground-breaking partnership to promote girls football throughout the country.

GOALS is an NGO dedicated to facilitating  gender equality and education through sport by running leagues, tournaments and summer camps throughout Armenia.  The FFA is Armenia’s governing soccer body and together they will develop joint programs to strengthen women’s and girls football development throughout the country.

“The signing of agreement is beneficial for both GOALS and FFA. GOALS will continue to work in grassroots level by identifying the locations where girls who want to play and who are talented, FFA will support GOALS to maintain the exciting projects and to create new ones,” said Anna Tadevosyan, Head of the Women’s Unit.
The FFA will provide GOALS with better access to facilities and uniforms, as well as exchange and knowledge sharing for coaches and referees. GOALS is the only grassroots organization in Armenia working towards the popularization of football for girls and will continue establishing leagues, expanding participation and conducting camps throughout Armenia. Since its inception in 2016, GOALS has directly impacted over 4500 girls, and the FAA partnership will continue making the game more accessible for girls.

The president of GOALS, Lorik Hartounian mentioned, “In just two years GOALS has succeeded to expand by starting with 65 girls soccer players on its teams to now having 652 girls players in seven regions of Armenia. Providing opportunities in soccer for girls in Armenia will not only broaden the horizons of the communities but also changes the mindsets limiting girls to be confident and future leaders”.


About Football Federation of Armenia  

The official governing body of association football in Armenia.
Founded in 18.01.1992
Affiliated to FIFA since 1992
Affiliated to UEFA since 1992


 GOALS believes that sport is the perfect medium for promoting healthy lifestyle, changing gender stereotypes and building confidence and leaderships skills in women and girls throughout the country. GOALS is currently the only sport-for-development NGO in Armenia, and the only NGO working to bridge the gender gap in sports. With a focus on projects that benefit and take place in the regions of Armenia, we focus on girls from villages and underprivileged families, with the help of partner organizations and allies all over the country.


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