After two months filled with games, new skills and excitement; during November our seven leagues finished the Fall 2018 season. To add an extra challenge, this year we also organized Regional tournaments between the winning teams of the leagues from the same region.

Keep reading to know who won each match!

Artik vs Alaverdi + Gavar vs Khot

The first round of games was: Artik vs Alaverdi and Gavar vs Khot. The Artik vs Alaverdi match was played on November 9th at Alaverdi Sports College, while Gavar & Khot Village played on November 14th at Gavar N8 School.

We want to congratulate the players from Artik and Gavar for winning their respective competitions!

These tournaments were sponsored in the frames of the European Union in Armenia funded and AGBU implemented Bridge for CSOs project’s sub-grant in partnership with Eurasia Partnership Foundation.

Goris vs Yeghegnadzor + Armavir vs Dilijan

The second round of games was: Goris vs Yeghegnadzor, sponsored by the United States Embassy in Armenia, and Armavir vs Dilijan, sponsored by Ayo.

Goris & Yeghegnadzor played on November 14th at Yeghegnadzor Sports School. On the other hand, the Armavir vs Dilijan match took place on November 25th at UWC Dilijan. ​UWC supports and helps community projects, and we were delighted to continue our partnership and have them host the games of the GOALS Dilijan league at the college every week.

Congratulations to the players from Goris and Armavir for their wins!

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